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'One Day at a Time, Sweet Jesus'

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'One Day at a Time, Sweet Jesus'

(Tony Arnold/WBEZ)

The now former Illinois governor, Rod Blagojevich, had some parting words last night from his North Side home.

Blagojevich’s house is located on a normally quiet street in Chicago’s Ravenswood Manor neighborhood. But when he came outside, he found at least six police cars, dozens of journalists, and many neighbors camped out on his front lawn, waiting to hear his plans for the future.

BLAGOJEVICH: I want to just say to all the people of Illinois and the people who are listening to me, how much I love them. I love them more today than I ever did before. And I want them to know that I did nothing wrong and I’m going to work day and night to clear my name.

After his initial speech, Blagojevich embraced the supporters who came to his house and invited many of them to stop by any time. In the middle of the cluster, a reporter asked how Blagojevich is going to manage his life financially.

BLAGOJEVICH: One day at a time, sweet Jesus. One day at a time.

A little after that, Blagojevich pushed through the crowd, climbed the stairs to his house, gave a few more waves, and went inside.

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