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Quinn Gets Support of Rivals For Now

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Illinois Governor Pat Quinn met with the state’s other constitutional officers in his first full day in office. Conversation steered clear of the 2010 election.

Each politician commented on what a difference it is to work with the new governor. They even laughed and joked around. Here’s Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias.

GIANNOULIAS: I’m also excited to see the Governor’s office for the first time since I was elected. It’s a really nice office.

Giannoulias and Attorney General Lisa Madigan have previously expressed interest in running for governor. When reporters asked Quinn about his possible primary challengers, he said...

QUINN: We’re talking about unity here today.

Actually, Quinn did a lot of talking about unity.

QUINN: This is a day not for politics, but for everybody banning together not for profit, but for a cause they believe in.

Earlier in the day, Quinn said he wants to push back next year’s primary by 7 months. He says he wants politicians to focus on the state’s problems before they start campaigning.

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