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Quinn Wants Shorter Campaign Season

New Illinois Governor Pat Quinn says he wants to push back the date of the state’s primary elections. Quinn says he will push legislation to move the primary from February to September, so elected officials can focus this year on remedying the state’s problems.

Next year Illinois will hold elections for governor and other statewide offices. Candidates will need to start their campaigns this summer.

But Quinn says top leaders can’t afford to start campaigning so soon, when the state just removed a governor for abusing his power and the government is saddled with a three billion dollar deficit:

QUINN: I think Illinois needs this year to mend the flaws, repair the damage and we need all of our elected officials focused on governance this year. There will be plenty of time for politics next year.

The Governor also signed his first executive order on Friday. It officially establishs the Illinois Reform Commission. It’s headed by a former federal prosecutor and is charged with investigating corruption in state government and recommending reforms.

Illinois just moved up its primary date by a month last year. The change was made in part to help Barack Obama in the presidential election.

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