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Asian Carp May Mean More Poisoned Canals

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Illinois officials may poison more canals near Chicago as they continue to fight the invasive Asian carp. That’s according to Illinois Environmental Protection Agency head Douglas Scott. But Scott says agencies statewide are waiting until an Asian carp summit at the White House early next week to decide.

SCOTT: We’ve got an interest in trying to control the carp, but also in not closing down the ship canal. That’s not my environmental hat - that’s my state from an economic standpoint that’s incredibly important to us as well.

John Rogner is with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. He says additional poisoning would likely be in Illinois canals where D-N-A evidence of the fish has been found. But Rogner says he’s optimistic the fish won’t establish a breeding population in the lake.

That’s despite recent evidence that the fish may have made it into Chicago’s Calumet Harbor.

The White House has scheduled the Asian carp summit for February 8.

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