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Daley's Losing an Ally At City Hall

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Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is reacting to the loss of an ally at City Hall. He’ll have to replace Isaac Carothers in the City Council after the West Side politician pleaded guilty to taking bribes.

Mayor Daley says it’s sad his friend Isaac Carothers accepted bribes from a developer.

DALEY: All public officials whether you’re appointed or elected have public trust. Remember you have the responsibility of handling the public money, hard earned taxpayer’s money, and it’s very disheartening to see what he pled to.

Daley says he’s starting the process of finding Carothers’ replacement. The former 29th ward alderman pleaded guilty yesterday to taking $40,000 worth of home improvements. In exchange, he supported zoning measures that benefited a developer. His attorney says Carothers acted in the best interest of his constituents.

Carothers accepted a plea deal that would require him to serve 28 months in prison, but the final sentencing is up to the judge. That could happen in April.

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