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Paris restaurant review: Rech was pretty wretched...

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Photo by Steve Dolinsky

A trusted colleague, serious foodie and seafood industry employee I know is in Paris during this week’s Seafood Summit. He and his wife were really looking forward to checking out mega-watt, super Michelin-starred French chef Alain Ducasse’s seafood-focussed restaurant, Rech. Within 24 hours of devouring a fruits de mer platter of oysters, mussels, shrimp and clams, his wife was knocked unconscious for 30 minutes, while he couldn’t move his fingers - which had curled into a bizarre grip - and both of them were shaking violently. As the hospital told them upon arrival Saturday, a pretty clear case of toxic food poisoning.

Repeated calls to the restaurant and emails have yielded nothing. At this point, he’d just like his 321 € (about $470) refunded.

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