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Polls Open Quietly

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Polls Open Quietly

Today is primary election day in Illinois. Polls have been open since 6 this morning.

It’s the first primary election of 2010 in the nation, and some polling places in Chicago are starting out on a quiet note.

Will Cotter is an election judge for the polling place at the Bucktown-Wicker Park Library. He says voters have been slowly trickling in.

COTTER: It’s considerably lower volume than what we saw in the general in November of 2008. Only hand full, but it’s still early and hopefully people won’t be deterred by the weather outside.

Election officials say cold and snowy weather can play a role in voter turn out. But Cotter says he expects things to pick up later in the day. Officials say the highest turn out typically happens in the evening when people get off work. Polls close tonight at 7.

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