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Taxis Go Greener

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A major taxi company in Chicago is converting 100 cabs to run on compressed natural gas. The city says Yellow Group is the first cab company to do so.

Yellow Group plans to put 100 of the special Yellow Cabs on the street. It’s signed a contract with Clean Energy Fuels for two CNG fueling stations. Cabs can refuel there, and so can the public.

Michael Levine is chairman of Yellow Group.

LEVINE: If drivers are paying less for fuel, they’re gonna be happier. If the passengers and the people in the city don’t have to breath the fumes, they’re happier.

Compressed natural gas isn’t zero emission. But the Sierra Club Illinois chapter and the Environmental Law & Policy Center both say CNG is cleaner than regular gas or diesel.

A $1.5 million grant from the city and federal government will help with the cost.

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