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Pat Quinn Declares Victory

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Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is declaring himself the winner of yesterday’s democratic gubernatorial primary. But his opponent Comptroller Dan Hynes hasn’t conceded yet.

Governor Quinn thanked and greeted commuters at a Metra station in downtown Chicago this morning. Even though most didn’t go to the polls, Quinn got about half the votes. He’s got a very narrow lead on Dan Hynes. That means a request for a recount is possible. But Quinn says its time to move on.

QUINN: It’s over. The primary’s over. The people have spoken and they voted our way.

Quinn views the attack ads during the primary as a quote “family contest.” He now wants the Democratic party to come back together.

QUINN: I salute Dan Hynes for a hard fought campaign and a well organized campaign and a committed campaign.

A spokesman for the Hynes campaign calls Quinn’s declaration unfortunate. He says it’s premature to call a victory when all the votes have not been counted.

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