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Daley Calls for Last Second Concessions From CTA

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Daley Calls for Last Second Concessions From CTA

Photo by Kate Gardiner.

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is calling on last second concessions from unions representing Chicago Transit Authority workers.

The mayor’s plea comes just days before CTA cuts are supposed to go into effect. Chicago commuters are facing a reduction of bus and train service. Nine express bus routes will be eliminated and most other rail and bus lines will be running fewer routes. Daley says the CTA has cut spending in recent years and managers have taken unpaid furlough days.

DALEY: The people of Chicago are struggling to make ends meet. They need to go to work. They don’t need the burden of higher fares; they don’t need service cuts. It is time for the CTA unions to be part of the solution, and I firmly believe they can be, and they’re willing to do--I hope so--they do as quickly as possible.

About 1,100 employees are set to lose jobs under the CTA’s plan. Daley is asking CTA leaders to sit down with union representatives to reach an agreement before Sunday.

Union chief Darrell Jefferson says workers are being blamed but they’ve already given as much as they can. He blames mismanagement for the CTA’s problems.

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