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Emergency CTA Summit Fails

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A last ditch effort to save Chicago Transit Authority jobs and service has failed. Chicago Mayor Richard Daley met with union leaders for an 11th hour summit yesterday at City Hall. But the two sides weren’t able to reach a deal.

That means major service cuts and a loss of over a thousand jobs. Robert Kelly is a CTA Union leader. He says there are still some options on the table.

KELLY: What CTA has done - as they’ve done in the past - is they’ve given us a menu of items to chose from, and put a dollar amount to them. And if we could help them in anyway it would save them x amount of dollars. Maybe we can’t get all 11 hundred jobs back, but maybe we can get some of ‘em back though. They’ve given us as they say, a menu. And that menu will be taken back to the membership.

Even if unions agree to those proposals - the changes wouldn’t go into effect for several days. Until then, you can expect longer wait times on public transportation.

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