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Pabey Urged To Resign

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Six years ago, hundreds of volunteers worked long hours to help get George Pabey elected the first Hispanic mayor of East Chicago, Indiana. Now, at least one of those volunteers feels betrayed by the mayor because of his alleged wrongdoing.

Like many others, Alicia Lopez-Rodriguez passed out literature and worked the polls in support of Pabey.

It was a hard-fought battle that included a court fight, but Pabey eventually won and took office in late 2004, touting himself as a reformer.

Lopez-Rodriguez went to work for Pabey but knew something wasn’t right.

Lopez-Rodriguez: As soon as he came into office, shortly after that I could see there was a huge change in him. He didn’t want to hear what people were telling him, the honest truth of what was going on in the community.

Pabey now faces a federal indictment for allegedly using city funds and workers to fix up a home he owns in Gary beginning in late 2007.

Lopez-Rodriguez says the city’s trust with Pabey has been broken.

Lopez-Rodriguez: I think if he wanted to give some dignity back to himself he would resign.

Pabey says he’s not guilty and plans to fight the allegations.

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