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Quinn Says Cohen Should Consider Stepping Aside

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Quinn Says Cohen Should Consider Stepping Aside

Scott Lee Cohen appeared on ‘Chicago Tonight’ last night. (AP)

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn says Scott Lee Cohen should consider removing himself from the Democratic ticket. Cohen won the Democratic nomination for lieutenant governor.

Governor Quinn says he didn’t know much about Scott Lee Cohen until he won the primary on Tuesday. The two now make up the Democratic ticket for November’s general election. The Governor says Cohen should be given the chance to explain his checkered past. But if the explanation is unsatisfactory, Quinn says Cohen should withdraw from the race.

QUINN: Any person who has material from their past life that would distract the public from a clear decision in November of this year and what’s the right way to Illinois, really in their conscience should step aside.

In 2005 Cohen was charged with threatening his then-girlfriend with a knife and pushing her head against a wall. Charges were dropped after the girlfriend missed a court date. In a statement, Cohen denies the allegations. He says he has no intention of stepping aside.

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