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Study: Chicago Subsidized Renters Need Better Options

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A new study says housing policymakers need to do a better job of making sure subsidized housing is dispersed throughout Chicago neighborhoods.

The Illinois Assisted Housing Action Research Project report says that voucher holders who get subsidized rent are concentrated in racially segregated, high-poverty areas.

Some of those Chicago neighborhoods struggle with unemployment, foreclosures and severe health issues.

Janet Smith is with the University of Illinois-Chicago and is one of the study’s authors. Smith says the federal rent calculations should be redone. That way more affluent neighborhoods would have subsidized housing.

SMITH: You have higher rents allowed in Lincoln Park, for example, and you’d have actually lower rents in the South Side of Chicago so it’d be more tied to the subareas of the market.

The Chicago Housing Authority maintains that voucher holders are in every Chicago neighborhood.

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