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CTA Cuts are Here

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CTA Cuts are Here

Clark and Lake CTA stop. (Tony Arnold/WBEZ)

Chicago Transit Authority riders can expect longer waits and more crowded trains and buses today. It’s Day Two of the CTA’s service cuts. WBEZ’s Tony Arnold has a look at how things are going this morning.

CTA President Richard Rodriguez says the traffic flow is moving as expected. He also has his mind on a union official who encouraged employees to take a sick day. More than 1,000 CTA employees have been laid off.

RODRIGUEZ: We’re not going to tolerate any troublemaking. This is something that we’ll have to continue addressing throughout the entire week and monitoring it and we’re prepared for such. We have managers across the entire system keeping an eye out for things like this.

Nobody from the union was immediately available for comment.

But underground, CTA riders are already feeling the budget pinching. Juan Munoz was at the Clark and Lake Blue Line stop. He normally takes the Ashland Express bus from work to his home in Pilsen. But that route’s been eliminated and he doesn’t want to take the normal Ashland route.

MUNOZ: I’ve been on it and it takes forever, so I don’t want to sit on that bus all the way to the South Side. So I’m just going to avoid it, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be packed.

Munoz says he’ll try sticking to the trains today, but it’s a work in progress figuring out a new route home.

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