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#5 This week's mission: Make a Grand Gesture

SHARE #5 This week's mission: Make a Grand Gesture

This week we feature a guest-blogger while I am away on my book tour. Ladies and gentlemen, Rebecca Kavanagh.

Grand gestures were on my mind while driving to dinner yesterday. With a week to go before Valentine’s Day, what could I do to show my husband how much I adore him? As we passed the airport, I toyed with the idea of hiring a skywriter. And then I saw this:


I wonder how this down-to-earth version of my idea went over? Did Bellababy notice the sign and smile all the way to work that morning? Or did Brad position it to delight her as she made her weary way home? Was it Bellababy’s birthday? The couple’s anniversary? Or was this, in fact, an early Valentine?

In any event, it was a grand gesture. And I want all of us to follow suit.

For this week’s mission, think outside the chocolate box to find a fun and creative way to say “I love you, I appreciate you, I’m thankful for you.” Grand gestures do not have to be razzle-dazzle. A grand gesture could be:

  • Having a handwritten love letter couriered to his cubicle.
  • Running a hot bubble bath five minutes before she walks in the door.
  • Quietly arranging a babysitter for a surprise night out.
  • Standing outside her bedroom window with a boombox, ala John Cusack in “Say Anything…”
  • Or it could be razzle-dazzle. That’s fun too.

MISSION: Make a grand gesture for love.

SHARE: Tell us what you did, why you did it, and what the reaction was. Use the comment section below or email if you have pictures to share. We’ll compile your grand gestures and share them on Friday, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

As Amy would say, off we go!

Rebecca Kavanagh, guest blogger

About the Author: Rebecca Kavanagh

After nodding enthusiastically and saying “me too!” all the way through Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, Rebecca Kavanagh became a devoted AKR fan. She was delighted to be a member of the initial Beckoning of Lovely team and continues to support AKR’s theatricalgrand gesture. Rebecca is a freelance writer from Michigan whose favorite project is her weekly Mom’s the Word newspaper column about her kids.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Grand gestures here.

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