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Daley Says "Silence Kills"

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Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is launching a new campaign to raise awareness of what he calls a “code of silence” that protects criminals.

Parents whose children have been killed joined the mayor as he detailed the new program called “Silence Kills.” The public service campaign is funded by half-a-million-dollars from the federal economic stimulus package.

Daley says the failure to report crimes has a devastating affect on the city.

DALEY: Police brutality is a bad issue. If police brutality took place in this district, there would be 10,000 people marching. Ten thousand people! And rightfully so, they should march against any police brutality. But when a child gets killed, no one marches. Why? Why doesn’t anybody march?

Funding for the three-year program will allow the city to hire a full-time CAPS officer to work with Chicago Public Schools and community organizations. Daley says there are a number of ways to report crimes anonymously, including speaking to religious leaders.

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