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The Other Lt. Gov. Pick: Is Jason Plummer Qualified?

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Democrats in Illinois are jockeying to fill the spot left vacant by their lieutenant governor nominee. The Republican nomination for that office is settled. But the reaction is not overwhelmingly positive for 27-year-old Jason Plummer.

Plummer is an executive at his family-owned lumber business, and an intelligence office in the naval reserves. Using more than $1.3-million in personal and family money, he won the primary with 34-percent of the vote.

State Representative Dave Winters says he expects Democrats to make an issue of Plummer’s lack of government experience, but says he can overcome that.

WINTERS: The length of the campaign and the amount of studying that he’ll be doing, the amount of pressure that you’re under as a statewide candidate, I think those will certainly help prepare him very much for taking over in the event that we have a tragedy.

State Senator Matt Murphy, who finished second in the lieutenant governor race, says everything he’s seen of Plummer leads him to believe he’s qualified.

Another candidate in the primary, Carbondale Mayor Brad Cole, would not directly answer the question of whether Plummer is qualified for the job. But says he congratulates the nominee, and will support the entire GOP ticket.

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