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Chicago Auto Show: All Eyes on Toyota

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Chicago Auto Show: All Eyes on Toyota

Shiny new cars weren’t the center of attention at the media opening of the Chicago Auto Show. Instead, all eyes were on Toyota after its recent massive recalls.

Toyota executive Bob Carter says there’s no telling how long it will take the company to regain customer confidence after problems with gas pedals and brakes on some of its most popular cars.

CARTER: We know we have some consumers that are concerned and we have a singular focus to go out and work with those consumers.

He says dealers nationally are repairing 50,000 cars a day.

CARTER: Once we get the customers repaired, back on the road, we’ll determine what we need to as a brand.

Carter said the company had considered cancelling today’s press event, but felt it was important to address its problems.

Toyota also introduced an redesign of the luxury Avalon sedan at today’s show but it attracted far less notice than Carter’s comments.

Competitors also fielded questions about Toyota’s recalls. Mark Reuss is the President of General Motors North America.

REUSS: It’s not good for the industry.

But Ruess said it might be a chance for General Motors brands to get a second look from buyers feeling skeptical about Toyota’s cars.

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