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Motorola to Split in 2011

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Motorola to Split in 2011


Motorola, based in Schaumburg, has announced plans to split into two independent companies.

Motorola will be split in two, come first quarter of 2011. One company will focus on cell phones and television set-top boxes. The other company will work with Motorola’s s business geared products, like 2-way radios and bar code scanners.

Motorola says the split will allow both companies to be more flexible and focused.

A spokeswoman for Motorola says both companies will continue to have a meaningful presence in the Chicago suburbs; no headquarter change was announced. She wouldn’t say if the company plans to cut or add jobs.

And what will the two, new companies be called? No word on that, either, though both are expected to use the Motorola brand.

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