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End to Ballot Counting Today

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End to Ballot Counting Today

Campaign workers in Cook County count paper ballots the day after the primary (AP/File)

Tuesday is a big deadline in the Republican race for Illinois governor. The vote total remains close for state Senators Bill Brady and Kirk Dillard, two weeks after the primary election was held.

The Illinois State Board of Elections says this is the final day for local election authorities to count provisional ballots. It’s also the last day for them to count late-arriving absentee ballots, although these must have been post-marked by February 1st, the day before the election.

A spokesman for Dillard says at last count the candidate was less than 400 votes behind Brady. But he stresses that number comes from more than a week ago, and could have changed.

Whichever candidate finishes second after all the ballots are counted still can ask for what’s known as a “discovery recount.”

Since election day, Dillard has stressed he wants to make sure every vote is counted, and says he hasn’t decided whether he would ask for a recount if he remains behind. Brady says the delay has hampered his campaign efforts, but says he respects Dillard’s decision to wait for a final tally.

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