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A New Phase in the Asian Carp Hunt

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Crews are set to fan out on Chicago-area waterways today. They’re looking for signs that invasive Asian Carp have hopped a barrier designed to contain the fish.

The crews will head out packing fishing nets and aquatic stun-guns. They’ll be combing the waters between Lake Michigan and an electric barrier on the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal. Great Lakes communities worry Asian Carp could run amok in the lakes, overwhelming native species. Authorities have already turned up carp DNA at the edge of Lake Michigan.

Chris McCloud is a spokesman for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. He says biologists want to confirm whether actual live fish have gotten through.

MCCLOUD: This is kind of a reconnaissance mission if you will, a precursor to any major actions that we might take. But remember, we have yet to find an actual specimen.

Government agencies are enlisting commercial fishermen to help do the netting and electrofishing. The sampling process is expected to last two-to-three weeks.

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