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Illinois Receiving $100 Million to Improve Rail Lines

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Illinois stands to get $100 million for some upgrades to the state’s railroads.

The money comes from the federal government’s stimulus program and it’s aimed at helping fund a coordination of passenger and freight trains passing through Chicago.

The area’s a well-known bottleneck for rail service, delaying the flow of shipments and passengers alike. The $100 million is expected to go toward building a new rail bridge and improving switches and signals.

Congressman Dan Lipinski sits on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

LIPINSKI: Some of that is switches, other improvements to rail lines that most people will never see, but it will make a difference and people will notice a difference if they’re taking Metra to work every day, if they take Amtrak.

Lipinski says Chicago’s rail lines have been neglected for decades and the money is much-needed.

Governor Pat Quinn estimates the money will help create more than a thousand jobs.

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