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Modern medicine on east 79th Street

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(photo by Lee Bey)

There is a nice collection of workaday mid-century modernism scattered across the Southeast Side.

Sometimes, you get clusters of it, as is the case with the postwar residential community of Marynook between 83rd and 87th streets west of Dorchester (and its upscale cousin, Pill Hill).‚ Other times, you’re just rolling down the street--minding your own business--and something funky and near-avante garde will jack your attention, as was the case when I passed this clinic near 79th and Yates.

(photo by Lee Bey)

Built in 1965, in the predominantly early 20th century South Shore community, the building turns a mod face to 79th Street.‚ The upper windows have operable louvers and I can only imagine those dark glass‚ were originally painted in bright primary colors. I can also imagine a pretty slick-looking caduceus running down the side of the building in that brick space to the right of the window. But that’s just me.

Secreted in the rear are a couple of floors of walk-up apartments that connect to the front-facing medical office space like a ‘T,” making the building a mixed-use structure. Meanwhile, let’s get a look at facade from across the street):

(photo by Lee Bey)

The 45-year-old building has reached the point where some repairs will have to be done to that great-looking facade, though.‚ One hopes the fixes can be done in a way that preserves the modernist aesthetic.

The building is at 2404-2410 E. 79th.

To my shutterbug friends: Have you ever been approached by security folks while photographing a Chicago building? If so, send me an email at describing what happened and--if you can, the photos you were taking when you got stepped-to.‚ It’s for a future post here.

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