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Chicago Discrimination Case Goes Before Supreme Court

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A court case alleging Chicago discriminated against black firefighters goes before the U.S. Supreme Court, today.

The case before the Supreme Court is more a question of timing. In the case of Arthur Lewis versus the City of Chicago, the plaintiffs accused the city of issuing a firefighter’s test in 1995 that discriminated against black applicants. The city did not dispute the discrimination ruling, rather they say the filing came too late.

Judson Miner represents the plaintiffs.

MINER: In a case like this which is called a disparate impact case, whether you have to sue when you learn the result of the test, or can you sue every time the city uses the test for the purpose for which it was intended namely to hire candidates.

The law states an employment discrimination suit must be filed no more than 300 days after the alleged unlawful practice occurred. Miner says the city acted unlawfully towards his clients and every time they issued the test after that.

The city did not respond to calls for comment.

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