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Cullerton Challenges Bill Brady to Present Detailed Budget Proposal

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Illinois Senate President John Cullerton is calling on state Senator Bill Brady to introduce a detailed budget plan.

Brady leads state Sen. Kirk Dillard in the Republican race for governor. But the results of the tight race haven’t yet been finalized.

Cullerton says Brady has made contradictory statements about the budget. And he questions Brady’s plan to balance the budget without a tax increase. Cullerton says Brady is in a position to introduce a specific budget proposal right now since he’s a sitting state senator.

CULLERTON: He is not an outsider; he’s been there for 16 years. He can introduce a budget. Why should we wait until after the election to find out what the budget proposals are? He wants to be the governor during the fiscal year that we’re going to be voting on the budget. So put the budget in.

Kent Redfield is a political science professor at the University of Illinois-Springfield. He says proposing a budget is the governor’s job, not Brady’s. Redfield says Cullerton is trying to put Brady in “an uncomfortable political position.”

For his part, Brady says he has proposed the framework of a budget that’s within the state’s means and doesn’t include a tax increase.

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