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Some Clarity Coming to Illinois Budget Hole?

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Some Clarity Coming to Illinois Budget Hole?


The size of Illinois’ budget deficit should be clearer this week. Governor Pat Quinn’s office will post the information on the internet as he prepares his 2010 budget plan.

The General Assembly recently passed legislation to give Quinn a few extra weeks to prepare his budget. Quinn defends this delay, noting the law also calls for a public comment period that begins this Wednesday.

QUINN: There will be an opportunity for people in Illinois, using electronic democracy, to have their thoughts and concerns and concepts considered in preparing the budget.

Quinn won’t release any details yet, though he says he remains committed to what he called “tax reform” in his budget last year that included an increase in the income tax rate. The Illinois House - Republicans and some Democrats - rebuffed that move and budget negotiations dragged on well into last summer.

Quinn has made cuts while relying heavily on borrowing to pay for state operations, but many bills are still going unpaid. The comptroller’s office last month pegged that backlog at more than $5 billion.

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