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No Finality Today in GOP Race for Governor

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No Finality Today in GOP Race for Governor

Republican State Senator Kirk Dillard (WBEZ/file)

The Republican primary for Illinois governor now looks like it’ll take more than another week to resolve.

Local election authorities on Tuesday have to mail to the state their final voting tallies from the February 2nd primary. Then the state election board takes a closer look at the numbers.

This is especially important in the Republican primary for governor, where state Senator Bill Brady, according to unofficial counts, leads Senator Kirk Dillard by only several hundred votes. Dillard has so far refused to concede.

DILLARD: It’s a statewide race and I would like to see a tabulation by the state board of elections since only 200 votes out of three-quarters-of-a-million separate my friend, Senator Brady and myself.

The state board of elections doesn’t have to finish that tabulation until March 5th. Dillard says he’ll wait until then if he has to, and it looks like he will.

The executive director of the board, Dan White, says his staff won’t be releasing a preliminary tally. He says they are going to take the full amount of time allowed by law to make sure all the numbers add up.

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