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Pink Slips for Teachers, Big Changes for Kids

About 300 teachers in Chicago can look forward to pink slips. And thousands of students will attend different schools or get a completely new set of teachers next year. That’s after Chicago ‘s Board of Education voted Wednesday to close or turn around eight schools.

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Alderman Pat Dowell was the first of many people to speak in opposition to the school closings and overhauls at yesterday’s board meetings.

DOWELL: This whole process has been: 1. Rushed. 2. Not transparent. 3. Non-inclusive.

Teachers were out in force at the board meeting. Karen Lewis is running for president of the teachers union:

LEWIS: The turnaround strategy is basically a layoff policy. That’s what it is.

Schools chief Ron Huberman told Board members the district has a responsibility to intervene in low-performing schools. But he also reiterated a promise to alter the process going forward.

In the last eight years, Chicago‘s Board of Education has voted to close or completely re-staff 85 schools.

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