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Quinn: Privatizing McCormick Place 'Premature'

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Quinn: Privatizing McCormick Place 'Premature'

Photo by Jim Watkins

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn says Chicago Mayor Richard Daley’s suggestion of privatizing McCormick Place “should be reviewed.”

But he calls the idea of privatizing operations at the convention center “premature.” Quinn says he’ll soon announce the appointment of three members to an interim board to study the city’s trade show industry. Daley will also appoint three board members and a chairman to oversee operations for the convention center run jointly by the city and state.

QUINN: And they will work together with the others on the board to come up with a plan to make sure that we keep having major conventions. These are job farms for our state. When a convention comes to our city or our state of Illinois, it’s worth a lot of economic growth and employment. So we have to make sure to make sure we keep them coming.

McCormick Place has lost several big conventions in the last few months. Quinn says the state has to be careful not to make the situation worse. He says Daley has not yet come to him with the idea the mayor mentioned in a speech Monday night.

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