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Bishop says civil unions complicate charity work

SHARE Bishop says civil unions complicate charity work

One of Illinois’ prominent Catholic bishops says the church has more challenges ahead now that civil union legislation has passed the state General Assembly.

When Gov. Pat Quinn praised lawmakers for approving civil unions that would provide same-sex partners many of the legal benefits as heterosexual couples, Springfield Bishop Thomas Paprocki criticized the governor for saying his faith prompted him to support the measure.

Quinn, who is Catholic, responded by saying his conscience “is not kicking me in the shins.”

Paprocki said the fight to keep civil unions from expanding to same-sex marriage isn’t over. He said Catholic Charities is grappling with what effect the civil unions bill will have on adoptions.

“Our approach would be we, would want to place children with families that have a mother and a father,” Paprocki said. “And if a request comes in for a same-sex couple, we would not want to do that placement.”

Quinn has yet to officially sign the measure into law, but says he expects to do so early next year.

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