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Pitchfork protests the word 'protest' (and other inane fodder for Friday)

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Pitchfork protests the word 'protest' (and other inane fodder for Friday)

Pitchfork has responded to the Odd Future protest controversy by putting out a statement. Here’s the heart of this as I understand it: Pitchfork booked a controversial rap act because they liked them (or others did). But some don’t like them because they are super offensive to women. So women’s groups are going to protest at the festival by handing out fans and other literature. Pitchfork has responded to that news by saying that’s not protesting, that’s raising awareness. Because we all know in this day and age, the word “protest” can mean something much bigger (ie violence). Now the women’s groups are saying the same thing. And it’s all DeRogatis’ fault for telling the story.

I don’t know about you, but if it quacks like a duck...then it’s a protest. Pitchfork is afraid that Chicago will go the way of Boston and have riotous behaviour surrounding the Odd Future performance. So they want to control that because a riotous situation in the West Loop would not do well for the festival’s standing with the city. Between Friends (the organization that is not-not protesting) wants to make it clear: This is not the rock-throwing kind of protest but more the handful of people handing out flyers kind.

Pitchfork seems to be more offended by DeRo’s use of the word protest than the Odd Future’s use of rape imagery (raping pregnant women is a theme).

I have an outsider’s solution: If you don’t want to deal with the consequences of Odd Future backlash, cancel them. Give the slot to Tortoise.

B story: The Childrens Museum is staying (?) at the Pier. After years of front page murmors, the museum is in talks to stay and expand on the pier. I’m just glad this is almost done. It’s sort of like when a roommate keeps hinting that he’s leaving and starts packing boxes. But never leaves. So it’s an awesome day that our roommate has signed a lease. Now, please, will you clean the tub and do the dishes, just once??? Would it kill you? And will someone please go across the hall and tell Margaritaville to put on a shirt.

C story: We have a new budget!!!!! Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed it into law yesterday. The pressing question: Did I get a raise? No. No raise. But neither do bus drivers, which I guess took the big budget hit. In other budget news, Chicago Public Schools want to collect $100 million to fill their budget gap. They are looking to increase property tax collection. I’d like to see that proposal hit the voter rolls? That should be a nice, calm, civil discussion. “We know your property has decreased tenfold in the last 10 minutes...but....”

D story: Did you see the story of the Nun who robbed a bank to pay back another bank that she had embezzled from? Man, talk about a rabbit hole. See, Suzie Orman and my Dad were right: Take care of your finances. Save money.

Weather: Last night was crazy. With the lightning and the hail, I started to get religious. And the second thought was: It would suck to have been at Taste of Chicago.

Sports: The Cubs are starting to play with some buzz. Nice job, two in a row! Keep it up cardiac Cubs!

Also, the NBA is locked out, the NHL starts free agency and the NFL really wants to be fixed by 4th of July, you know, for patriotism.

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