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City curfew great for safety, terrible for Katy Perry & Claire's Boutique

SHARE City curfew great for safety, terrible for Katy Perry & Claire's Boutique
City curfew great for safety, terrible for Katy Perry & Claire's Boutique
How about a deer curfew too? (Flickr/VirtualPhotographers)

You know, on paper I agree with the curfew. But the 12 year-old in me is kind of ticked that I have to be stuck in the house with my Mom and siblings from 8:30pm on. So either I’m going to burn my brain with non stop video games or I’m going to punch my brother.

But you do have to applaud the initiative of the City Council on this one. I don’t know how police will be able to enforce this, and frankly, most hoodlums won’t be affected (since they are older). How do other cities handle this? Is there a curfew in NYC? (WBEZ reporter Lauren Chooljian looked into the different curfews in major cities.)

B story: When Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signs a bill today allowing concealed weapons, Illinois will be the only state in the nation with a concealed weapons ban. Even Vermont lets you carry concealed weapons. Actually, I think that’s all I’m going to say because whenever we do a story on conceal and carry laws or gun control or any SEO combination of guns, conceal, Chicago and Rahm Emanuel, we get a zillion responses - many of which, by the way, are incorrectly punctuated.

C story: Now that Katy Perry has canned her Chicago show because of dehydration, I have to choose between Britney Spears at the United Center or DMB Caravan for tonight’s entertainment. If you’re Britney Spears, what’s your set list tonight? I mean, do you go deep into “Hit Me Baby One More Time” and “Oops, I Did It Again” or do you just stay with the new tunes that the robots made for you. You know, the one where you record one line of you singing and you send that mp3 to your producer and he loops it 45 times and samples some house. Maybe you can do both?

D story: In other news where we compare apples to oranges to make a liberal point, a bank robber in Benton, Illinois got 30 years in prison for stealing $14k at gunpoint. A former financial director for Westmont, Illinois got 60 days jail time for stealing $45k from taxpayers (no gun involved). Mutter among yourselves and commmence head shaking.

E story: Did you see Redeye columnist Mark Bazer’s final thoughts? He sums up his time at Redeye and the place between a ditch and a columnist. Where’s he going next? Check back here Monday. Malt Shop Mark is coming to WBEZ blogs.

Weather: Now we are in the thick of it! Summer time Chi. Can’t get better than this. Again, remember this day when it is January/Feb/March/Apr/May 2012.

Sports: The Cubs came back from an 8-0 deficit to prove they can hang with the Washington Nationals. Pitcher Matt Garza said “We’re right where we need to be to make a good run.” You mean a 5k? You are running marathons between losing games? Good for you.

The Paul-Star campaign worked for the Chicago White Sox, as Paul Konerko made the All-Star team with over 8 million votes. You know he’s probably miffed that he doesn’t get the weekend off. But knowing how contracts work, he probably just banked $400k for winning a popularity contest. Maybe they should put a clause in his contract that if they lose eight in a row to the Twins, he loses $400k. That’s only fair?

Kicker: From the slaughter house to the...slaughter rule. The WBEZ softball squad cleared our name after the terrible outing against Chicago Now with a decisive win over the Wall Street Journal on Thursday. I think the final score 21-9. That’s how you do it. We are now 1-1 and ready for the next challenge: WCIU and the Chicago Reader. To quote my colleague Robert Wildeboer, “There is an existential ease to knowing you are better than everyone else.”

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