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Slaughter rules: WBEZ vs Chicago Reader softball (in pictures)

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Slaughter rules: WBEZ vs Chicago Reader softball (in pictures)

I’ve got the day off today, taking the ole’ son out for this birthday. But I wanted to quickly give the Chicago media consumer a softball update. If you follow regularly, you know that a bunch of media orgs play softball on Mondays and Thursdays. Last night, WBEZ and the Chicago Reader got after each other like good rivals should.

For years, WBEZ and the Reader didn’t play in leagues. We played once a year behind the MCA against each other. And we would just play back-to-back games or until it was dark enough to walk over to Pippins. Not many players are still around from those games (layoffs, kids, mysterious arm injuries), but the intensity remains.

Oh, the game? WBEZ 23, Reader 6. It wasn’t much. This is the part of the rivalry that is more like when the Bears dominated (1980s).

There was good trash talking last night, but I have to say that I really like the Reader team (which for me is unusual). Everyone was excited to play softball and their turnout is amazing. Most teams struggle to get 10 people there for the game, but the Reader brings almost the entire staff. You gotta love that. And they are clever in their trash talk, although the pledge drive bits are played out!

Here are some pictures Meg Power took of the game last night. Game ball goes to Jen Brandel (again), who not only pitched amazingly, but was the only player to play the entire 7 innings in the crazy heat!

We finished the season 3-1. We now start the playoffs with one goal: Beat Chicago Now.

MVP Brandel throwing heat

Sam Hudzik at bat, backed by our bench

Matt Ulrich (dirty once again) on deck

Kate Dries hustling to third

Outfield taking care of business

Ronnie Davis takes a big cut

A Chicago Reader player sweats the BEZ competition

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