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White Sox trade rumors unfurl like a white flag

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White Sox trade rumors unfurl like a white flag

AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

RUMOR: The White Sox are waving the white flag. Rumors are swirling that Kenny Williams is going to send Edwin Jackson and Mark Teahen to Toronto for middle reliever Jason Frasor and prospects. I understand the need for bullpen help, but this seems defeatist. Losing Edwin Jackson, regardless of his performance, is essentially giving away a proven starter in this league. You don’t do that when you are contending for a division, right? I guess we got our answer on what the White Sox are doing with the rest of the season. This is a difficult pill to swallow when your team is less than 5 games back. Kenny, say it isn’t so!! Also, Ken Rosenthal says John Danks and Gavin Floyd are on the market too.

This is not how we want to watch late summer baseball.

B story: Blagojevich wants a retrial because he says the judge was unfair. If you ask me (and nobody is), I agree. During that trial, I kept writing about how the way Judge Zagel was presiding over the case. He was dishing out some sort of judicial payback for the first trial. So as much as NOBODY wants to hear about Blagojevich and another trial, there might be something here.

C story: The USPS might be closing 14 Chicago area post offices. 200+ in Illinois! I’ll be honest, the only time I go to the post office these days is when I need to send a Christmas gift. And the line is usually unbearable. So now, my guess is that line will double. And that means no more X-mas gifts for my little cousin Timmy. Thanks USPS for ruining a little boy’s X-mas.

D story: More rain in the forecast today. I’m sure that’s great news for those still trying to clean out from the weekend. I’ve heard most suburban lawns look like a water logged garage sales. And as you know, most suburban garbage trucks are manned with one engineer. So that garbage man is picking up couches by himself. I’m going to go up to the NW Suburbs today to see this first hand.

Weather: Rain.

Sports: This might be my favorite sports week of all time. Why? Cause we get NFL free agency condensed into two days. So it’s rumor mills and Tweets galore. I think Brad Biggs at the Chicago Tribune is going to get carpal tunnel from working his Blackberry. It’s awesome. Then you add Sox/Tigers (How is Peavy still a starter in this league) and you have a nice little mid-week for sports.

The Broncos want to trade Kyle Orton. Donovan McNabb might be coming to Minnesota. And they are going to release Nick Barnett in Green Bay. Still no word on the Bears free agents, but it seems likely and inevitable that the Bears are releasing Punter Brad Maynard. That’s fine by me.

And we have a new WR in Chicago. Ohio State’s Dane Sanzenbacher was undrafted back in April, but was signed by the Bears yesterday. The Trib has video of him doing a spoof of the LeBron James’ “decision” special. It’s hilarious and you can tell that he really doesn’t like LeBron (being from Ohio and all), but the Trib makes it seem that this was made for his decision to come to Chicago as an undrafted free agent (because the story his agents are pushing is that he took less to come here). But this isn’t really about him coming to Chicago (which the Trib kind of leads you to believe). It’s an organ donation P.S.A. Funny, nonetheless. I hope this guy sticks. Just for the viral videos:

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