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Changing Gears: The Midwest Migration Project

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Generations of people came to the Midwest in hopes of finding a better life. But economic opportunity has been harder to find since the recession began, and in recent years, people have left the region in record numbers in search of jobs or a better housing market.

Changing Gears is launching a project to document the stories of these Midwestern exiles. We’ll be mapping where these people ended up. And, they will be sharing their own stories about why they left and if it’s better where they are now.

Changing Gears’ “Midwest Migration” project will run through mid-February.

People across the country are documenting why they have left the region in their own words and sending in their photos. They are also reflecting on if it is really better where they ended up, and if they think they’ll ever return to the Midwest.

All project participants have the opportunity to call 1-800-968-7677 and leave a message for their hometown, friends, or family. We’ll put some of these messages on the air.

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