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The Rundown: Would I get the sticker-gate story more if I grew up here? (and other great comments)

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I’m going on Eight Forty-Eight today to read some of your comments on how you would have covered sticker-gate. I got some great feedback from yesterday’s post and now I have full control of the airwaves to make you famous. You’re welcome, Chicago.

Here are the ones I pulled out from various platforms. Remember, I asked people to help me out and give me suggestions on how they would put together a conversation based on the city sticker/gang symbol controversy.

Tom: A: non-story ..... or should have been. B: Politicians responded badly to a foolish observation. C: Public tragedy-mongers want to see kid crying on news. THANK YOU for NOT covering this.

Shelly: This isn’t a non-story. At it’s basic level, it might be. But what happened to this kid is representative of a growing trend in noncritical thinking in our government. Some British kids tweet they’re going to “destroy America” on their vacation -- so let’s bar them from entering the country (even though anyone with two brain cells could understand they meant ‘party and have a blast’ (oh, probably can’t say “blast” either.) ) Let’s arrest someone at the airport because he decided not to fly rather than be pat down by someone not a cop. Let’s take away the one positive thing a troubled 15 year old had in his life because someone saw a face in a cloud and has the support of a bunch of anonymous police bullies in a hateful, racist blog.

Megan: Did the people want it? Or did the the media blanket us with it? And blanket to the point that the City had to just frantically make it go away? This is a media conversation.

Eric: So there’s an angle: unsavory new “media” types anonymously running a story around a city without substantiating evidence. Or what happens when there’s a Great White Media Panic based on insinuations and gossip that can only teach [an] at-risk teen one thing: never trust an adult.

MB: I think the interesting angle is that this came out on a police blog that also captured screenshots of the artist’s facebook page essentially confirming the intentions - and the media picked it up from there and went crazy. So there’s your blogs-driving-the-news-and-even-exposing-that-the-salute-to-heroes-was-in-fact-a-big-hidden-insult-to-cops-and-cops-figured-it-out-before-anyone-else angle. Oh and since when is Jody Weis so important and a gang expert? How much is he getting paid for this job? There are flickr pools that probably could educate Clerk Mendoza on these symbols for a lot less dough.

And of course, my favorite one:

Chris: The reason why you don’t get the sticker story is because you did not grow up or go to school in the city of Chicago. You are a tourist.

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