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Governor Quinn comes to WBEZ

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Ill. Gov. Pat Quinn talking with Steve Edwards. (WBEZ/Andrew Gill)

WBEZ reporters attend press events for Illinois Governor Pat Quinn very frequently, so it’s common to hear his voice on our airwaves. Press events usually include a big crowd of reporters all trying to get their own questions answered (for a worst case scenario, check out this video from the Blagojevich trial).

Listen to the interview with Gov. Quinn

Today the Governor is coming to our studios to sit down with Steve Edwards for a one-on-one chat. That’s a totally different ballgame than a press conference. Steve will have the luxury of developing a narrative and posing follow-up questions. The main topics will be the state budget, pensions and Medicaid, but Steve will pose some questions from listeners, so if you have a burning question for Quinn, leave it as a comment here or call 312-923-9239 during the show.

By the way, Steve told me today the last time he and the governor saw each other was three years ago at a random Blackhawks game. The last time they talked was actually in an online chat we hosted on electon night in 2010.

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