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Wednesday's gameplan for 'Afternoon Shift': Fixing the system

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From state budgets to the G8, every system is constantly in need of fixing. We’ll examine efforts from within and without to fix different systems on Wednesday’s Afternoon Shift. Here’s how director Jason Marck breaks down today’s show.

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Global Protesters & Technology:Like commerce and entertainment, protesting in the modern age has gone far beyond a piece of poster board, a sharpie, and a walk down to city hall. We’ll look at how technology is used to coordinate protests and spread the message on a massive scale.

Clever Apes:Act 1. Microbes. Why are they so tiny? OK, so there’s my Ira Glass impression for the day. Seriously though…There are several interlocking efforts underway (they’ve been called the largest biology study in human history) to catalog virtually all the zillions of microbes living on our planet. Gabe Spitzer tells all.

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Budget Address:We’ll break down Governor Quinn’s budget address with WBEZ reporters, and we’ll ask the big question “what would you do to fix Illinois?” to a series of lawmakers, ex lawmakers, advocates, and our audience.

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