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3 at 3: The return to the magazine art form

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Steve talked today to local writer and publisher JC Gabel and Josh Schollmeyer about their new venture The Chicagoan, a magazine including long-form interviews and profiles of local cultural figures. Gabel was behind the now-defunct magazine Stop Smiling, which was in the vein of glossies like Esquire and Playboy (the articles portion, of course). This got me thinking about the art of the magazine! I love magazines and used to subscribe to far more than I could ever read. More than that, I loved shopping for them at bookstores and newstands. But it’s so much easier to consume online so my magazine stack has thinned out. But there are still some to enjoy! is a good way to catch up on longer articles from the past and present. But, just to assure you that I like to keep it light and quick, I still subscribe to People magazine. So, let me know...what are some good magazines that I need to grab? Tell us in the comments. Sure, tall order but here’s some criteria: recipes-no, good stories and some fashion-yes.

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