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Fellow Dems defend Jackson's medical secrecy

SHARE Fellow Dems defend Jackson's medical secrecy

Some fellow Democrats are supporting Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr’s right to privacy when it comes to his mysterious medical condition.

Jackson’s office announced Thursday the Congressman needs extended in-patient treatment, but didn’t say for how long. It also didn’t mention why, except to say in an emailed statement that Jackson has long been grappling with “certain physical and emotional ailments.”

Congressman Danny Davis, a fellow Chicago Democrat, said Friday he thinks Jackson’s office will eventually release more information.

“But I think that one is well within their right to protect themselves and their family,” Davis said.

Democratic Representative Jan Schakowsky says she does not think Jackson’s medical saga will end in resignation.

“I would think he’s gonna be back,” Schakowsky said. “I expect that we’ll get more information about that. But I have no doubt in my mind that Congressman Jackson will be back in service.”

Schakowsky said she spoke to Jackson’s chief of staff Friday, and learned that the Congressman’s office is still open.

Jackson’s office would not speak on the record Friday.

Jackson’s Republican challenger in November’s election, Brian Woodworth, said the congressman should be more open about his condition for voters.

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