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Status of Sauk Village water supply still murky

Village officials vague about whether water is okay to use.

SHARE Status of Sauk Village water supply still murky

Confusion continues in the southern suburb of Sauk Village whether or not it’s safe to drink the water.

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency announced on Monday the drinking water contained vinyl chloride, a known carcinogen.

Village officials haven’t offered any firm guidance yet on the issue, opting instead to tell residents the EPA isn’t technically restricting them from using the water.

The EPA states there’s no “safe” level of vinyl chloride, but an EPA spokesperson said it’s unlikely people would get sick from the amount present in the water supply.

EPA spokesperson Maggie Carson said that means it’s up to residents to choose whether or not to use the water.

“It’s in the interest of transparency,” Carson said. “You want to know what’s in your water as do I. This way you can make an informed decision.”

Carson also says the village must take action to resolve the issue. She said the Illinois Attorney General will set specific deadlines for the village.

In the meantime, some Sauk Village restaurants say they’re using bottled water.

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