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Chick-fil-A controversy comes to Chicago

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Updated: 4:05p.m. 7/25/2012

When Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy publicly declared his opposition to gay marriage last week, the popular fast-food chain became the latest flash point in the nation’s culture wars. Some decried the decision as bigotry and dropped sponsorship deals with Chick-fil-A as a result. Yet others lauded Cathy for standing by his Christian beliefs. WBEZ wanted to know how those beliefs might affect customers’ eating habits at the chain’s only Chicago location:

“As long as his company is not discriminating in any way publically or against any way, he’s entitled to his beliefs.”

“Everybody is entitled to their opinion and my opinion is: I like Chick-fil-A food. Now whatever ... he wants to do with his life and how he wants to feel, that’s on him. But I do appreciate him coming up with the chicken.”

“Doesn’t bother me about the food — I’m not opposed to gay marriage. But the food’s good so that’s why I like it.”

“I mean I don’t agree with (Cathy’s gay marriage stance) but (Chick-fil-A food) is still pretty tasty.”

“That’s pretty awful. How does that affect me eating here? I’m not sure, I really like the food. Umm … “

“We’re Bible-based Christians so we’re not in favor of gay marriage either. We don’t mistreat any one based on their beliefs or even discriminate against them. But we don’t believe it’s righteous behavior so.”

“It’s up to him how he feels. I think this whole thing is this Boston mayor is saying don’t come to my city. And I was thinking ‘You’re going to exclude the opportunity for people to have jobs and a place to work and a place to go.’ I think that’s wrong.” (Note: Boston Mayor Thomas Menino recently declared he will not let Chick-Fil-A into his city because of Cathy’s anti-gay marriage beliefs.)

“As a person who has gay siblings, it is, it does make things a little difficult. It is a tough issue, a tough topic. But to be honest we’re here, we’re eating here because it’s close and convenient. So it’s a little bit caught in the middle I guess, I would say.”

Chick-fil-A has previously announced plans to open more Chicago restaurants in the future.

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