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The Morning Drive Podcast: Tuesday

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Good morning!

Welcome to this edition of the Morning Drive Podcast!


WBEZ continues our Race Out Loud series by looking into the name game: It’s been almost a decade since economists showed that resumes with names like Greg and Emily generated more job interviews than resumes from Lakisha and Jamal. And since then there’s been the trend of people “whitening” their resumes by using initials instead of a full name. So the name game matters. But how accurate are the perceptions?

The head of Mitt Romney’s campaign in Illinois is in high demand this week at the Republican National Convention. On Monday morning, Ill. Treasurer Dan Rutherford was a man on a mission. First, Rutherford gave a speech at the delegation breakfast.

Featured in the podcast:

The city of Chicago is making a concerted effort to fight gang activity and one important part is to track it. That involves pegging some crimes as “gang related,” a label that the police department applies to most murders in the city. Some residents inside Chicago neighborhoods, and even some crime experts, say police are too loose with the term.

Blogs we’re reading this morning:

WBEZ’s Alison Cuddy writes up the art agenda for Labor Day weekend.


And your WEATHER for today: Mostly sunny, highs in the mid 80s. Some winds into the evening. Tonight, mostly clear, lows in the 60s except in the lower 70s downtown.

Wednesday, partly cloudy in the morning then clearing, highs in the mid 80s. Wednesday night, clear, lows in the mid 60s except around 70 downtown.

Music in today’s podcast brought to you AGAIN by Duran Duran because they brought such joy to the podcast Monday. They’re scheduled to play at Ravinia this Wednesday.

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