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Parent frustration growing as strike enters second week

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Parent frustration growing as strike enters second week

The teachers strike has entered its second week on Monday.


As the strike by thousands of Chicago public school teachers enters its second week, some city parents are increasingly voicing their frustrations.

Marie Tharrington works at an ice cream shop on Navy Pier and has had to rely on relatives to care for her seven children during the strike.

She said she understands the teacher’s complaints — but after being forced to miss a few days of work, she said she cannot wait for an agreement to be reached.

“I’m done. I rolled past [striking teachers] this morning and told them ‘get back to work!’ I think I’ve been flicked off like twice this past week. I was like ‘Get back to work,’” Tharrington said.

Tharrington also worries about her children’s safety during the day in the Englewood neighborhood on the city’s South side.

“Probably some kids are going to get hurt [...] I’m thinking because it’s more outside during the day — somebody’s going to get hurt,” she said.

Elsewhere, parent Dianne Kibbey described herself as “beyond frustrated” Monday. With childcare a constant concern during the strike, she said her ability to get work done has suffered.

Thousands of Chicago’s public school students spent their sixth day out of class Monday.

Union delegates are scheduled to vote again whether or not to end the strike on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the school district is seeking legal action to force teachers back into the classroom immediately.

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