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Poetry Saloon at Noon & the Sulzer Library

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Poetry Saloon at Noon is the brick & mortar venue of the poetry & arts publishing website,

The venue has rotated between different sites in the City and usually features an open-mic. This event on June 10, at the Sulzer Library, will not have an open-mic.

Twenty-five years ago, saloon poetry and slam poetry were being birthed in the vibrant arts scene in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago. Saloon poetry differed from slam poetry in several important ways. Sometimes poets
simply wanted to recite their poetry. They wanted an alternative to the raucous competition of the poetry slams. Poets and artists that built community, sometimes just wanted to relax and enjoy the abundance of poetry, art, and music that flourished in the mid-80’s. Spend time in the neighborhood bar, coffee house, tea house, or gallery and be surrounded by other artists.

Saloon Poetry was the slam’s after-party. And Saloon Poetry’s red-carpet was the sidewalk that led to a favored oasis, that served beverages and nourishment and most of all, fostered camaraderie and friendly competition.

From the anthology, “Stray Bullets: A Celebration of Chicago Saloon Poetry” quotes from the book jacket:

“This is old-time saloon poetry in the Bughouse Square tradition. It’s good for anybody to read out loud -- to the hoots, howls and cheers of bystanders.” STUDS TERKEL, oral historian and radio personality “Even if some don’t rhyme, it’s Jake with me.” MIKE ROYKO, Chicago Tribune columnist.

More information about this event here.

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