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Follow NPR's live coverage of the South Carolina primary.


Live: South Carolina Primary Results And Analysis

The primary takes place on Saturday. Follow live coverage and the results of the 2020 contest.
Mike Pence Trump Press Conference Coronavirus


What’s The Right Way To Talk About A Pandemic?

Northwestern health communications researcher Bruce Lambert says it’s a mistake to compare the coronavirus outbreak to seasonal flu.


Coronavirus In Chicago: What You Need To Know

Here are some answers to common questions about the state of the coronavirus locally.
Chicago Bulls Coby White


Coby White Has Become A Bright Spot For The Bulls. But Will He Be A Starter?

The No. 7 pick from North Carolina has been on a historic tear over the past week, but the Bulls have won just once in that time.
StoryCorps Josephine Rosner


StoryCorps Chicago: “It was simple: We had to leave”

When Josephine Rosner was a teenager, she moved to Chicago with her parents to escape the persecution of Jews in her homeland of Austria.
Columbus Day


Alderman Says ‘Army of Italians’ To Protest Switch From Columbus To Indigenous Peoples' Day

Ald. Nick Sposato tells backers of the switch for Chicago schools: “Pick your own damn day … just don’t pick it for Columbus Day.”
Motive Podcast Season 2


Motive Episode 5: Did Anyone Know?

While studying abroad in Spain, two students reported to police and their school they had been sexually assaulted. It didn’t go as expected.
No Grades


Public Schools Try Ditching A-to-F Letter Grades

School without letter grades is often associated with private schools, but more public schools are trying this progressive style of grading.

The Rundown: WBEZ's Daily Newsletter

Followed The News This Week? Try This Quiz

From the coronavirus to yet another Dem debate, celebrate another week of surviving an onslaught of news by taking this quiz!
Uncanny Valley Nerdette


Nerdette Book Club: ‘Uncanny Valley’

Nerdette gets help from tech journalist Kara Swisher to dissect 'Uncanny Valley,' a memoir by Anna Wiener about life in the tech industry.


Facing $17 Million Budget Gap, City Colleges Of Chicago Looks to Raise Tuition

The state’s largest community college system, which serves 71,000 students, has few other places to turn to generate new revenue.
Forest Preserve roads falling apart


Cook County Board OKs $25M For Forest Preserve Upgrades

The infusion comes after county leaders last year decided not to put a referendum to voters asking for a tax hike to fund the Preserves.
Rahkii sits on a shipping container wearing a long dress and black boots.


Chicago R&B Singer Rahkii On Why Her Heroes Don't Wear 'Capes'

Vocalo spoke with Rahkii about her debut album, "Capes," inspired by the capes in our own lives — and learning to fly without them.
McClain email image


State Board Director Grilled Over Hiring Worker Mentioned In ‘Rape In Champaign’ Email

A state budget hearing Wednesday got heated over a state law enforcement board's decision to hire a politically-connected contractor.
President Trump, pictured in New Delhi on Tuesday, has consistently underplayed the threat that the coronavirus COVID-19 disease poses to the American public.


Trump Says Pence Will Coordinate Government's Coronavirus Response

"We're doing really well, and Mike is going to be in charge," President Trump said.
Car impound


Lawsuit: Chicago Sold Deliveryman’s Car For $204.48

The lawsuit comes after WBEZ-ProPublica Illinois investigation threw a spotlight on the towing program’s impact on low-come residents.
Cook County Health


Will Having More Power Help The County Reduce A $600 Million Medical Tab? Commissioners Think So

Critics say the proposed changes don’t address the root causes of problems at Cook County Health.
Juvenile Intervention and Support Center


Watchdog: A Chicago Program Meant To Help Juveniles May Instead “Retraumatize” Them

A new report questions the wisdom of the city's $5 million-per-year investment, saying the youth program lacks transparency and accountab...

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