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Charter Union Strike Ends


Tentative Agreement Reached In First Charter School Strike

More than 500 teachers and nearly 7,500 students at Acero charter schools in Chicago are going back to class on Monday after days of intense negotiations.
Ballot Signatures Thumbnail

Curious City

Petition Signatures Are Weapons In The Fight For A Spot On Chicago Ballots

Candidates need to gather loads of signatures to secure a space on the ballot. One listener wonders whether that’s fair.
Headshots of Chicago's mayoral candidates interspersed with images of closed and newly opened schools in Chicago


Most Mayoral Candidates Say No To More Chicago School Closings

Amid declining enrollment, WBEZ asked Chicago's 2019 mayoral candidates whether they would support more Chicago public school closings.
Prosecutors on Friday unveiled their sentencing recommendation for former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen who has been cooperating with prosecutors conducting the Russia investigation and others.


Ex-Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Should Get 'Substantial Prison Term,' Feds Say

Prosecutors said the crimes he's admitted committing are serious enough to go to prison.
WBEZ's Chicago And Illinois News Roundup: December 7, 2018

Morning Shift

WBEZ's Chicago And Illinois News Roundup: December 7, 2018

Morning Shift brings context and analysis to the biggest local and state stories of the week.
Former Chicago Police Detective David March, left, attorney William Fahy representing Officer Thomas Gaffney, and attorney James McKay representing March confer during testimony of first witness Joseph Perfetti on the first day of the bench trial with Judge Domenica A. Stephenson at Leighton Criminal Court Building in Chicago on Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2018.


Judge To Announce Verdict In Alleged Laquan McDonald Cover-Up Dec. 19

The judge will review evidence before announcing her decision on obstruction, official misconduct, and conspiracy charges.
Chicago Parking Ticket


Task Force Will Take on Ticket and Debt Collection Reform

The group is part of an effort to make vehicle ticketing less unfair.
New data from the U.S. Census Bureau provides a fresh look at where Chicagoans most often lack access to the internet.


Clear Signs Of The Digital Divide Between Chicago’s North And South Sides

New data from the U.S. Census Bureau provides a fresh look at where Chicagoans most often lack access to the internet.
Edward Kibblewhite was interviewed by his daughter, Jessica, at the Chicago Cultural Center.

StoryCorps Chicago

StoryCorps Chicago: 'Having Children Is An Act Of Hope'

Jessica Kibblewhite looks at the state of the world and isn’t sure she wants a child. But her dad says that she must not give in to fear.
The former Emmett School in Austin, which closed in 2013, has been sold but still sits vacant.


Vacant School Buildings Litter City After Closings

Chicago has closed or shaken up 200 schools since 2002. That has left 38 vacant buildings on the South and West sides, a WBEZ analysis sh...
Portraits of various Chicagoans who have lived through a school shakeup in some form


Chicago Closed Or Shook Up 200 Schools: Who Was Helped, Who Was Hurt?

Some 70,000 kids, nearly all black, lived through a school shakeup, WBEZ finds. At the same time, CPS opened almost 200 schools.
David Orr at WBEZ studios in 2018.

Morning Shift

Former Cook County Clerk David Orr Talks About His Life In Local Politics

Orr talks about his decades in local politics, his humbling eight days as the city’s boss, and his work to move the needle on LGBTQ rights.
The stone Swift Mansion contrasted with the modern office headquarters of the Chicago Urban League

Morning Shift

The Chicago Urban League Outgrew The Swift Mansion, So It Moved Next Door

In the ’80s, the Chicago Urban League almost moved downtown. But its president insisted they stay on the South Side.
Bea Sullivan-Knoff

Morning Shift

Is Chicago’s Topless Law Sexist?

A lawsuit filed two years ago is challenging a city law prohibiting topless female performers in places serving alcohol.
Carillon musician Simone Brown


Jingle Really, Really Big Bells

Rockefeller Memorial Chapel rings in the holidays with a concert played on its huge carillon.
Alongside Christmas and Hanukkah decorations, the Illinois Capitol now displays a sculpture from the Satanic Temple. The rotunda is seen here in 2014. Seth Perlman/AP


Satanic Sculpture Installed At Illinois Statehouse

There's a Nativity scene for Christmas, a menorah for Hanukkah, and something a little different: an arm holding an apple, with a snake.

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