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The 3@3: Cabbies strike, Shady Journatic and God

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Today on the 3@3, Frank Sennett and Scott Smith join the banter on the day's news stories, which include:

Steve Edwards: Today, Chicago cab drivers took part in a “work stoppage” to protest the new city rules for drivers. They want the city to increase fares. Will this be settled or will we see a full on taxi strike in the near future?

Frank Sennett: This American Life reported on alleged shady practices at Journatic, the new company hired to cover the suburbs for the Chicago Tribune. What does Journatic mean for the future of newspapers? And will the Trib stick with them?

Scott Smith: There is a God? According to new research, a ‘God’ particle may have been found. What does this mean for research sciences when funding is at a premium? 

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