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Midwest drought begins to hit home

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It's clear that the drought plaguing much of the Midwest these past few weeks has had a dramatic impact on farmers - they're not producing enough crops, or the crops they do have simply aren't growing. But the lack of rain is also having an impact on those with backyard vegetable gardens, outdoor planters and decorative flower beds.

With plants not getting watered naturally, it's up to owners to take more care of them. Eliza Fournier, manager of the Chicago Botanic Garden's School and Community Gardening Department, recommends "knowing your plant" - how much water they need depends on the type of plant, its age, whether or not it's located in the shade, and even the type of soil it's planted in. She also recommends just simply looking at your plants - if they are drooping or change color, they need water ASAP.

Fournier joins Afternoon Shift Friday to discuss the drought's impact on our gardens, and will be taking your calls at 312-923-9239 as to how people can best take care of their plants in this type of weather.

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